Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Saturday 19th November 2011

Weather Dry and sunny spells +10c
Fishing from 8am - 1pm
River Yare - Postwick Outfall

A solo trip today for a few hours at the outfall again. Hoping that i might connect with the decent fish i lost on our last visit. I moor the boat in a slightly different position to allow me better access to the flowing water in front of the sluice. A Lamprey dead is put out on the edge of the flow, anchored with 3oz of lead to beat the drift. My jointed plug is now sporting 80lb test split rings and big new sharp 1/0 trebles top and bottom. Nearly all of my lures have been "Barbless" or pinched down up to now, but as ive experienced a few thrown hooks lately, i have decided to leave the barbs on and see if it makes any difference. Reading as much as i can in books and on forums etc. there is a theory that barbed hooks can actually be kinder to these lure caught fish as they don't slip out and invariably re hook in the outside, cheek or eye area of a fish. What i do know is, 99.9% of the fish ive hooked on lures have ALL been in the front of the mouth or scissors, Most dont even need the mouth to be opened to unhook them. 
After a couple of hours i am still none the wiser as no takes were forthcoming, the dead baits remained untouched also.
I decided to cut the session short and return to my mooring. I put the Lamprey out while im wrapping up other stuff and within 5 minutes its away and i save a "Blank" with a nice 7lb fish. 
As i load the car i speak to several other anglers who have all been out and everyone agreed it had been a hard day.

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