Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sunday 27th November 2011

Weather - A strong westerly wind gusting to 35mph.
                A few spits of rain but +12c
Fishing      8am to 2pm
                River Wensum city centre

With the wind gusty to 35mph as we head to the boat yard, a short session close to or in the marina may be the order of the day. We soon have the boat loaded and the daylight starts to appear as we catch a few live baits. After a brief discussion 
with my brother Neil,we decide to head out onto the river towards Norwich and see how it goes. The journey passes without too much trouble and we are soon tied up in the turning basin, Norwich city centre.
We decide to set 2 rods up each, all sporting "lives" at first, 2 out in the central channel and 2 closer in. Around 8:30am the wind fades out completely and we are left with a fairly bright, mild day. I get a run on my "channel" rod at just after 9:30am and boat very lively 14lb 8oz fish. This ends up being our only action in this swim so we move a few hundred yards downstream to an area near the new Millennium footbridge and once again position our rods to cover the various areas likely to hold a pike. 
14lb 8oz Wensum "Scrapper"

Lunch comes and goes, the Bacon rolls and coffee tasting even better when cooked outside. Neil then gets an indication on one of his rods which results in a missed/dropped run. With no signs of anything else and despite trying "deads" on one rod each, we decide to head back at around 2pm in now clear, sunny skies and no wind at all !
Although pleased with my nice "Double" early on, we both felt a bit disappointed we only had the 2 takes all day,  but that as you all know is what makes this sport, so interesting.

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