Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Saturday 19th November 2011

Weather Dry and sunny spells +10c
Fishing from 8am - 1pm
River Yare - Postwick Outfall

A solo trip today for a few hours at the outfall again. Hoping that i might connect with the decent fish i lost on our last visit. I moor the boat in a slightly different position to allow me better access to the flowing water in front of the sluice. A Lamprey dead is put out on the edge of the flow, anchored with 3oz of lead to beat the drift. My jointed plug is now sporting 80lb test split rings and big new sharp 1/0 trebles top and bottom. Nearly all of my lures have been "Barbless" or pinched down up to now, but as ive experienced a few thrown hooks lately, i have decided to leave the barbs on and see if it makes any difference. Reading as much as i can in books and on forums etc. there is a theory that barbed hooks can actually be kinder to these lure caught fish as they don't slip out and invariably re hook in the outside, cheek or eye area of a fish. What i do know is, 99.9% of the fish ive hooked on lures have ALL been in the front of the mouth or scissors, Most dont even need the mouth to be opened to unhook them. 
After a couple of hours i am still none the wiser as no takes were forthcoming, the dead baits remained untouched also.
I decided to cut the session short and return to my mooring. I put the Lamprey out while im wrapping up other stuff and within 5 minutes its away and i save a "Blank" with a nice 7lb fish. 
As i load the car i speak to several other anglers who have all been out and everyone agreed it had been a hard day.

Sunday 13th November 2011

Weather Sunny spells - Temp +12c  
Fishing from 8am - 3pm
River Wensum  City Centre & River Yare Postwick Outfall

An early start sees myself and brother Neil loading the boat on the mooring at about half six still in full darkness. This procedure takes a good 45 minutes to uncover the boat, get everything on board, catch a few live baits and put everything in its correct place for the day ahead. 
By the time i start the outboard its just about starting to get light and with Nav lights on we head out and West towards the city centre. Neil takes the wheel which gives me plenty of time to sort out and set up 4  bait rods and also a lure rod. As we pass behind Norwich City football ground the match men are already lined up ready to do battle.
We decide to start in the turning basin so position the boat close to the far bank wall and tie up securely. Once we are happy the boat is secure we position 2 rods each covering a fair area of the basin. We both opt to fish a Lamprey dead bait on one rod and a small live Roach on our other rods.
Thirty minutes pass without any action then my live Roach is taken on my right hand rod, fished out in the middle of the basin. After a good scrap, a lively 5lb "Jack" is in and unhooked before being slipped back quickly. This has us checking the other baits and almost expecting another take fairly soon. Sure enough Neil's Lamprey rod is away and he hooks and lands another 5-6lb Jack. Both fish coming in a 30 minute spell around 9am.

 We fish on until about 11:30am with no other interest before deciding on a move.
With the short days this time of the year, we agree to motor back to the Postwick outfall area so we can have at least Two more hours fishing.
The journey back takes about 40 minutes and the change of scenery is so different. As we leave the concrete and buildings we are out in Green countryside within 10 minutes of leaving the city. Passing Whitlingham Lane outdoor centre, loads of people are out for their Sunday walk watching our strange little boat motor past looking like a mobile tackle shop.

 Mobile Tackle Shop

We arrive at the outfall and tie up close in so we can fish into the faster water and also try the lures as well. The baits are soon in the water and the kettle goes straight on. Its not the instant fix we both hoped for and soon we are taking turns with the lure rod, trying everything in the box. Approaching our 3pm finish time, i cast several times across the foaming water into the flow and on about the third time on the retrieve, the big jointed plug is hit, Very hard ! The 2.5lb test curve is tested to the limit, the reel clutch also purring away as a decent fish tries to get into the metalwork of the sluice. Neil by now is laying out mats sorting forceps, pliers and scales, and then the big net is ready to land the still unseen "crocodile".
 Just as i am winning the battle and the fish is near the side of the boat, i get a first and as it turned out, last sight of a good high double. Its mouth flares open wide and with one big shake of its head, its gone.
 Just foam and ripples left for us to look at. Nothing much is said as we reel in our baits and pack up. I look at the now scared and scratched jointed plug and decide maybe its time to upgrade those little size 4 trebles to something a little more in the  1/0 - 2/0 range. I will also experiment with leaving the barbs on some lures to see if it helps with these lost fish.
We will return.....

Thursday 10th November 2011

Weather - Light  s/w wind +11c
River Yare  Postwick Outfall

Well finally i manage to get out for my first session of 2011. After some very unseasonable warm weather ( still T shirt weather) i manage to grab a quick 4 hour session on my local river Yare. I am based on the outskirts of Norwich and after unloading the car with what seems like enough tackle to sink the 16ft boat i leave the mooring around 10:30am for the short trip to the outfall area.
The river is fairly low as i drop the mud weight and from first inspection, quite clear too. Not put off by this i quickly set up 2 bait rods and also a small lure rod .I start off with dead baits on both rods, a Herring tail on one and a Roach on the second. The roach bait is suspended  about 2 foot off bottom, while the Herring tail is "nailed on". The hi viz floats are set so i have full vision even when sat back in my chair. While im waiting i use the time to get the kettle on and also organise everything i need, unhooking tools, mats etc. 
As soon as the coffee is poured i get some attention to the Roach rod and soon the braid is pulling off the spool. Take up the slack and wham ..... Nothing !. Probably me being either too keen or  maybe cautious, but i would rather miss a fish than risk deep hooking. The rig comes back "bait-less" so i re bait and position it back almost in the same spot.
I wait around 30 minutes with no signs when, as im thinking of trying the lure rod, the Roach rod is taken again. This time there is no mistake and a lovely 6lb fish is soon boated, unhooked and returned. With my spirits lifted i check the Herring rod and re cast both. 
With no further action in the next half hour, i decided to give the lure rod a go. 
I reel in the Herring rod to give me plenty of room and also if i leave a bait out on the other rod i find it easier to watch the baited rod while "feeling"  whats going on with the lure. I try all over the river with a decent size Silver spoon but no interest apart from plenty of weed still growing well all over. We need some hard frosts !
With time running out i finally get a vicious take right next to the boat but after the briefest fight on record, its off. 
I decide to call it a day and am satisfied with my short stint for my first 2011 outing. This has been useful trip to get organised for our longer days throughout the winter. 
Next time i will have company, My brother has now got the Pike bug and cant wait to get out.