Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Thursday 10th November 2011

Weather - Light  s/w wind +11c
River Yare  Postwick Outfall

Well finally i manage to get out for my first session of 2011. After some very unseasonable warm weather ( still T shirt weather) i manage to grab a quick 4 hour session on my local river Yare. I am based on the outskirts of Norwich and after unloading the car with what seems like enough tackle to sink the 16ft boat i leave the mooring around 10:30am for the short trip to the outfall area.
The river is fairly low as i drop the mud weight and from first inspection, quite clear too. Not put off by this i quickly set up 2 bait rods and also a small lure rod .I start off with dead baits on both rods, a Herring tail on one and a Roach on the second. The roach bait is suspended  about 2 foot off bottom, while the Herring tail is "nailed on". The hi viz floats are set so i have full vision even when sat back in my chair. While im waiting i use the time to get the kettle on and also organise everything i need, unhooking tools, mats etc. 
As soon as the coffee is poured i get some attention to the Roach rod and soon the braid is pulling off the spool. Take up the slack and wham ..... Nothing !. Probably me being either too keen or  maybe cautious, but i would rather miss a fish than risk deep hooking. The rig comes back "bait-less" so i re bait and position it back almost in the same spot.
I wait around 30 minutes with no signs when, as im thinking of trying the lure rod, the Roach rod is taken again. This time there is no mistake and a lovely 6lb fish is soon boated, unhooked and returned. With my spirits lifted i check the Herring rod and re cast both. 
With no further action in the next half hour, i decided to give the lure rod a go. 
I reel in the Herring rod to give me plenty of room and also if i leave a bait out on the other rod i find it easier to watch the baited rod while "feeling"  whats going on with the lure. I try all over the river with a decent size Silver spoon but no interest apart from plenty of weed still growing well all over. We need some hard frosts !
With time running out i finally get a vicious take right next to the boat but after the briefest fight on record, its off. 
I decide to call it a day and am satisfied with my short stint for my first 2011 outing. This has been useful trip to get organised for our longer days throughout the winter. 
Next time i will have company, My brother has now got the Pike bug and cant wait to get out.

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