Thursday, 21 March 2013


Finally i get time to update the Blog after a very busy and frustrating 6 weeks.

Weather - +5c   Cold Wind

River Wensum - Norwich

Myself and my brother Neil load the boat and head off into the city for a day session in fairly decent conditions. Its 7am and the temp is showing +5c but it feels much colder with the wind chill. The river is still high and fairly heavily coloured with lots of floating debris after the prolonged spell of rain in the last Two weeks.
We decide to start right opposite the Hotel Nelson next to the Scout boat, mooring up to a floating buoy. As we tie up we can see the pace of the river is still much stronger than its usual lazy flow. We both put a dead bait out to start with, one close to the scout boat and the other on the near shelf. 
The kettle is straight on and we settle down out of the wind to await developments. Every now and then one of the floats has a little bob or dip and we tense up waiting for it to slide away. Unfortunately for us, its bits of weed and leaves that are the culprits not the Pike. We try positioning both baits very close in out of the main flow but still end up collecting a washing line of weed every 15 minutes or so. Around 8:45 we have a move over into the turning basin, about 200 hundred meters from where we started. Moored up on the far side, out of that biting wind, we can put our baits just on the edge of the flow and avoid most of the rubbish. This "looks" much better and im confident we will get a take at some point. 
Two hours and various casts and bait changes later, that point has still not arrived and we head off out the city back towards the Outfall at Postwick.
By the time we arrive there, the river level has dropped considerably and its just too shallow to moor up in our usual spot. Its 12:30pm by now so with just a couple of hours left we head back onto the mooring to finish off.
Neil's bait is barely out 5 minutes and its on the move. As the float slides away he lifts into it but its straight off... Looks like one of those days.
In desperation i set up a little soft rubber lure and have a cast around the moorings. Eventually after a few bumps and follows, i get a nice savage take from a 3lb Jack ! Saves the blank tho....
As i start putting stuff back into the car, Neil finally hooks up on a live bait. 
After a brief fight, the 6-7lb pike is beaten and wallowing on the top ready to be lifted out. A i reach towards it there's a last minute flip and that's off too..
Definitely just,   One of those days.

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